Keeping Pygmy Chameleons

Pygmy Chameleon
Pygmy Chameleon

The small size and relatively low price of pygmy chameleons (compared with the larger species like the panther) really does make them an attractive option to keep in the modern home. In times gone by, and largely due to a lack of knowledge about them, they acquired a reputation for being rather difficult to manage. Certainly, the number of captive bred individuals that were available used to be very low, and females seemed to be rather delicate. Over the last five years or so though, I would say that we have really started to understand their needs and with advances in technology, not only will they thrive but also, increasing numbers are now being bred. A number of these small lizards are still imported from Tanzania, notably the common leaf chameleon (Rhampholeon kerstenii) and the bearded leaf chameleon (R. brevicaudatus). These tend to arrive in the late summer months through into the early autumn.

Taken from “Practical Reptile Keeping” magazine

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